Favorite Links


Below are some links to sites on the paranormal that you may find interesting and informative:

Eastern Suffolk Paranormal supports and promotes Paranormal Unity. By working together we may one day be able to explain unexplained phenomena.


Ghost Village - the site to learn about the latest ghost research, evidence and discussion.

Ghost Hunters of Long Island - This group lead by Medium Joe Giaquinto, holds events each month at various haunted sites. All are welcome to attend.

The Paranormal Adventurers - Diane Hill and Joe Flammer of Long Island are paranormal investigators,  lecturers and authors. Come to this site to learn where you can attend one of their lectures and discover many of the most haunted sites on Long Island.

Nightwatchers - This is the site to  visit if you want to attend a paranormal excursion at some of the most haunted sites in the United States.


Ghost Mart - the place to buy discount paranormal research equipment for your next ghost hunt.


Research Into the Paranormal-Long Island ( RIPLI ) - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a paranormal investigator, or are you an experienced investigator/psychic wishing to join others  on Long Island in the Spirit of Paranormal Unity? Beginner or experienced , please join us at RIPLI on Yahoo Groups.





Island Paranormal Investigators - is a scientifically oriented research and investigation team located on Long island.




The Long Island Talent Connection -    This site focuses on providing high quality Internet Marketing service and customer satisfaction to promote your specific talent

http://thelongislandtalentconnection.com   "Where the talent connects"


Key West Paranormal Society - The Key West Paranormal Society is committed to finding the truth  whatever the truth may be. They are dedicated in their quest to investigating the paranormal and have divisions in The Keys, South Florida , Central and North Florida.  http://keywestparanormalsociety.com 


Medium Janet Russell -  This is Janet Russell's official site. She has been seen on Paranormal State (Katie's of Smithtown), and currently has two shows on Cablevision , Channel 20, Long Island (The Spirits Within and Beyond the Unexplained). She is available for readings..