Our Investigations- Buildings, Museums, and Houses


     Long Island contains many buildings (some abandoned), museums, and houses reputed to be haunted. Although legends abound about some of these structures that are often just urban tales that cannot be proved, many of these sites have "earned" their reputation!  Here are just a few that we have investigated.


                                       Raynham Hall     

       Raynham Hall is located at 20  West Main Street in Oyster Bay, Long Island.   In 1738, Samuel Townsend purchased the property now known as Raynham Hall. Samuel and his wife, Sarah, made a home for a large family of eight children and built a thriving mercantile business.  For a six month period from 1778 to 1779  the Townsend Home served as British Headquarters for the Queen's Rangers led by  Col.John Simcoe. Col. Simcoe was often visited by British Officer, Major John Andre. However, the Townsend family were sympathetic to the Patriots, and Robert Townsend formed the first link in the chain of agents known as the Culper Spy Ring whose messages were forwarded to General George Washington.   Raynham Hall has had a long and colorful history. The building officially opened as a Museum in 1953. 

           It is claimed that Raynham Hall is one of the most haunted buildings on Long Island.  We had the opportunity to visit Raynham Hall a few times. The first visit was met with knocks in answer to our questions as well as EVPs which indicated we were not welcome in the kitchen area! Also orbs were photographed in Sally Townsend's bedroom as well as an unidentified "mist" on the staircase leading upstairs. This "mist" could also possibly be due to light reflection. Two investigators claimed to have seen a shadow person upstairs.  On a follow up visit, EVPs were again  captured in the kitchen area, indicating we should not be there. Some people have claimed to smell an apple pie baking in the kitchen. I guess the Townsends and their servents do not want us for dinner or dessert yet!


        This EVP from Raynham Hall is a response when we asked the spirits to communicate with us.  First you hear "no" , then "okay"  just before our voices.

                                         Kings Park Psychiatric Center

        King's Park Psychiatric center was established in 1885 in Kings Park , Long Island. It operated until 1996, when the state of New York closed the facility down and released its few remaining patients or transferred them to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.    Kings Park  was  a "Farm Colony" asylum, where patients worked in a variety of farm related activities, considered to be a form of therapy for mental illness at the time.  Some claim that Kings Park Psychiatric Center has a history of abuse and that screams can be heard from some of the abandoned buildings today. Today most of the buildings on the property lie abandoned and in a dangerous condition.  It is forbidden to enter the old buildings and would not be wise or safe. King's Park may be explored during the day, but not in the evening when it is illegal. The most famous building is Building 93, and is the tallest structure on the property.

     When Eastern Suffolk Paranormal visited Kings Park, we heard strange knocking sounds in the old "Veteran's Hospital" which also houses a bathroom and information for visitors to the park. Also an outer door opened in the opposite direction from which the wind was blowing at the time. The building was vacant at the time.  We also photographed many orbs  and one team member captured what he believes to be the face of a former patient in  a window of  Building 93.  Our team will return this Summer, hopefully before the Center is demolished which is being planned soon.



                         The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY

       The Shanley Hotel is said to be one of the most "active" haunted sites in New York State.  Built in the late 1800's, it burnt down in 1895. James Shanley bought the hotel in 1906. The hotel has a long and colorful history, including the Great Depression , the prohibition era, and for a time, it contained a Bordello in the upper part of the building. Although Eleanor Roosevelt came to visit in 1933, the hotel has also seen its share of tragedies. Suicides, murder, death,including the deaths of three children  as well as Mrs. Shanley's sister in childbirth occurred in the rooms of The Shanley. The hotel was also raided for "booze" in the 1930s.  The barber's daughter , Rosie, drowned in the well outside the Hotel. With this history, it's no wonder restless spirits still fill the hallways and rooms. Then there are those spirits who may have enjoyed the Shanley Hotel so much they didn't want to leave....ever! 


We had some interesting experiences during our stay at the Shanley  Hotel. Some of our investigators felt they were touched and the bed they were sitting on was rocked especially in the Bordello. We heard strange noises coming from the third floor which was vacant at the time. We captured some Class A  evps (electronic voice phenomena) which were loud and clear.  A member of our team brought up a photo of her grandparents. Her grandfather was a police officer in the area in the 1950s. Upon leaving she noticed fine scratches upon the faces in the photo. The photo had been perfect previously. Other investigators had their hair stroked in the Bordello, and we smelled woman's perfume on the 3rd floor at the entrance to one of the rooms. Another guest returned to her room, to see all of her personal belongings moved into a different area of the room. A few women felt as if their bottoms were pinched (known to happen often here) . We plan on returning for a second visit, especially because the current owners,  Cindy and Sal Nicosia were so hospitable to us and keep the Hotel well maintained.


    This evp was captured in the bordello. Investigators were discussing how you can at times hear the "madam" count the money and a mocking voice comes in saying " Touch the money".  This voice was not any of ours. It is very loud.


The following locations will remain anonymous to protect the privacy of those involved.

                                  Church in Eastern Long Island

      This  particular church, which is located on the tip of Eastern Long Island is a 173 year old structure.  It contains a restored Hook and Hastings Pipe Organ.  Reports from the Church claim that people can be seen on the balcony, and that sheet music sometimes flies off the organ. Supposedly, the activity increases around the Christmas Holidays.  The caretaker's daughter has claimed that she had seen a man with a reddish beard appear in the bathroom mirror.

      These investigations were done in conjunction with Ghost Hunters of Long Island.   On our first investigation there were odd shuffling type noises coming from behind a bench in the basement Sunday School area. Future investigations have revealed EVPs both upstairs in the main area of the Church and downstairs near the bench. Several orbs were captured with digital camera on the balcony. Photos taken right after and before show no orbs in the same area.

 In this EVP a spirit calls out "hey!" after our laughter.                    



 This EVP was captured downstairs. We were seeing if the spirit could try to guess a nickname and I suggested "Tiger".  The spirit said "no" 

                                   Private House # 1

    The address of this house and picture cannot be shown. The house is located in Hauppauge, and consists of an upstairs where the bedrooms are located and the  downstairs main part of the house. The owner of this house claims to have seen the living room blinds rise on their own in her and her young son's presence.  Kitchen cabinets have been found open, while no one was in the kitchen and a shadow person has been seen by the young child in his hallway and near his closet.

      When our group investigated the house, we received responses to our knocks with two raps which we asked the spirits to produce.  An evp was captured upstairs in the hallway outside the owner's son's room where a shadow person is often seen. Orbs were photographed in one of the bedrooms, and an unusual noise came from the bathroom plumbing, which may not have been paranormal.  Since the owner of the house and her son were not present, it will be necessary to have a follow up investigation, since it seems that most of the activity occurs in their presence. A medium who accompanied us upon request of the owner claimed that several spirits reside in the house, including a deceased cat in the basement.

This EVP was captured outside the young boy's bedroom. When asked if the spirit had a favorite room, it answered "no" 

                                        Private House # 2

             This house is located in Calverton, Long Island.  A few investigations were done here in conjunction with Ghost Hunters of Long Island.  The home owners claim to have received several EVPs in the house, some very clear class A EVPs and at all times of the day. Reports of possible hauntings have also been claimed by neighbors according to them. It was felt by the home owners and another investigator that much of the "activity" is located by the downstairs bedroom and in the  computer room upstairs. 

        Our investigation of the house and property revealed many interesting EVPs captured on our digital recorders. When asked whether the spirits were attached to the house or the land, they responded with "the land."  Also our recorders captured what sounds like a child's laughter, and responses to quite a few of our questions. Most of these EVPs were captured outside on the property or in the upstairs computer room. When we used our Homemade "Frank's Box",  (the spirits can use radio transmissions to communicate), several of our names were elicited by the box as well as other relevant words.

      Photos captured many orbs  outside on the property, and some unidentified moving lights resembling  possible UFO activity in the area.




 You can hear the spirit say "oooo borders, dispute them" when we were at the property's edge

When we asked the spirits to show themselves or manifest ,they responded with "man...i...fest"  

                                                 North Fork Church

    This Church located on Long Island's North Fork was built in the 1800's. It consists of two buildings, one of which is the Church and a recently built labyrinth. Activity there consists of disembodied voices and music as well as captured evps, moving orbs, and the possible sightings of apparitions.


This evp was of a man in an early English accent was captured after we performed a mock ceremony in an attempt to communicate with deceased Church members.




"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

                                                 ---- Marcus Tullius Cicero