Our Investigations-Cemeteries on Long Island

The following are a few of our previous investigations. Feel free to visit some of these cemeteries as long as they are open to the public.  If visiting a cemetery in the evening, permission should be obtained first, since it is illegal to enter most cemetery grounds after dusk. Remember to respect the spirits and property where you will be investigating. Spirits were people once too!               



                                         Potters Field, Yaphank
Potter's Field is a cemetery where many indigent people  on Long Island were buried.  They are not often visited by family or friends.  There are 1000 small stone markers here which contain numbers, not the name of the person buried there. Our team has collected quite a few EVPs here, most during daylight hours. Although we did not sense anything negative here, this cemetery can be dangerous after dark due to the small headstone sizes. BRING A FLASHLIGHT!  Among the EVPs that we have collected was a Mr. Hausine calling out his name (Hausine Wadsted was buried here in 1900) as well as a Mr. Peterson who was also later buried here at the field. The spirits here seem to want to communicate and noises (possible voices) have been heard from the wooded area behind the field as well as mists and orbs in photographs taken here.

 Mr. Hausine Wadsted

 Our Ovalis(talking ghost box) answers Satan when asked for a name. This is followed by two "no's" as a response to two questions following it. We should mention that "Satan" is not on the programmed word list for the Ovalis!

                                        Pine Hollow Cemetery
   Pine Hollow Cemetery is located in Oyster Bay, Long Island on the west side of Pine Hollow Road, south of Mill-Max.  Seven veterans of the African American regiments of the Civil War are buried here. We had some paranormal experiences here, including quite a few EVPs, photo anomolies as well as strange noises and branches cracking in the wooded areas. It is reported that another investigator had seen an apparition of a man in broad daylight in this cemetery. Since it is somewhat hilly, it is wise to visit earlier in the day to familiarize yourself with the terrain. We believe this cemetery is very active and have plans to return.

Last night I fooled with the camera, and everybody went home

The previous EVP had extraneous noise removed for clarity which is why it sounds  a bit "electronic".

Listen for the words  "stop" and "no"

                                     Union Cemetery

    Union Cemetery is located on Route 25 (Middle Country Rd.) in Middle Island, Long Island. Many prominent men have been buried there including Alonzo Chappel, the famous artist who lived just east of Artist Lake, an area named for him. Also buried there are Richard M. Bayles, a leading historian of the past century, Rev. Jacob Corwin, one of the first pastors or the Wading River Congregational Church organized in 1785, as well as several past town clerks. The oldest stone there belongs to Daniel Brewster who died in 1748.   We experienced an apparition of a young lady dressed in black and white. She stood next to a tree on the left side of the pathway that leads into the cemetery. She was fully visible for a few seconds and then quietly disappeared before our eyes!  We have also captured many EVPs around that particular area. Many have  seen or felt the presence of a man there especially in the wooded area to the far left. This cemetery is one of the most "active" we have investigated, and EVPs can be captured during daylight hours. Keep in mind it is illegal to enter most cemeteries in the evening without permission.

Can you hear me? yes

Listen to the response when asked if the spirit had any parting words for us.

 Union Cemetery                                                                       
                                     Lakeview Cemetery

   Lakeview Cemetery is located in Patchogue by Waverly Avenue and Main Street. It contains the stones of the Shipwreck Victims of the 1895 Louis V. Place and 1897 Nachum Chapin. The stones date back to 1794.  Mists and orbs are commonly captured on film here and some have seen orbs with their naked eyes. It is a beautiful cemetery with a very special history and worth a visit.

                                                       Lakeview Cemetery

                                         Oaklawn Cemetery

      This cemetery is located on Arthur Ave. north of Montauk Highway in Brookhaven, Long Island. It is a nonsectarian burial ground dating back to the late 1890s.   Our investigations of this cemetery have turned up some interesting EVPs as well as strange photo anomolies and orbs. It is located in a pleasant wooded area and a path leads around to the various sections of the cemetery.  Notice the presence of the strange reflected figures in back of the two women talking in the cemetery.
You come from around here? A spirit asked us a question.

A spirit made a remark about "a man with the photography"

The spirit's favorite hobby may have been "crafts"

 A British sounding voice says "He will play with your heart."

                                                   Baptist Cemetery

    Baptist Cemetery is located in Coram by the intersection of Route 112 and Route 25. It is a very small cemetery which dates back to the 1700's. There are several Revolutionary War Patriots buried here.  Our investigation turned up some low EVPs (class C) and strains of low music which sounded almost like Church music.  At the time the music was captured there were no Church services within the immediate area. However, the cemetery is close to the road, so extraneous noise from radios could not be positively ruled out.   We captured orbs and a few photo anomolies in the evening.

     There are many old, mysterious and beautiful cemeteries on Long Island. These are only a handful of the many that we have investigated and explored.   Remember to get permission before entering any cemetery in the evening and don't forget a flashlight.  Remember to show respect for the property and "residents' , both living and deceased.  Vandalism is a serious problem and always travel in a group for safety. HAPPY EXPLORING!  If you wish to share your unique experiences with us please contact us at  easternsuffolkparanormal@gmail.com           

                                 --------------Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)