Our Team of Investigators



Peggy Vetrano - Founder- Lead Investigator 

Peggy has experienced paranormal phenomena since  a young age when she  saw her deceased grandfather  as well as  having had  many psychic and predictive dreams. She enjoys working with photography and EVPs and is often sensitive to the presence of spirits. Peggy is a Teacher,  Personal Trainer and enjoys Ballroom Dancing .                                                                       




William Sanchez -Lead  Investigator-Tech Expert 

William first became interested in the paranormal due to several experiences as a child. He recently built a parabolic microphone to enhance the audio for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVPs).  William has a lot of expertise in the area of audio/visual technology and has done much work in this field.




Anthony Gracia-Investigator

Tony began paranormal investigating in 2010. He enjoys investigating old cemeteries, and the thrill of getting responses during EVP sessions. Tony feels Paranormal Research is a fascinating field and he wants to continue to learn and experience all he can.



Brian Mitchell - Investigator

Brian comes to us with experience in paranormal investigating. He is especially fond of Electronic Voice Phenomena and infra red video. He is married with two children and recently celebrated the birth of his first grandchild.



Francine Furman- Investigator

Francine became interested in the paranormal at a young age after hearing the voice of a family member calling her name while the family was asleep. She has had similar experiences since then and remains sensitive to the presence of spirits. Francine is married with children and enjoys travelling.




Joanne Scala - Investigator

Joanne had her first apparition experience when she was 18 yrs old. While frightened, she was very intrigued by what she had witnessed. Ever since then, she had been extremely interested in finding out more about spirits. She is a single mom of 3 amazing kids and a medical office Manager. She is also sensitive to the presence of spirits has been visiting cemeteries for 4 years now, which she loves doing! 



Julie & Sue Estabrooke- Investigators

Julie and Sue are the newest members of our team, having been with us for a little over 2 years. They share a life long fascination with the paranormal, as well as a curiosity and desire to learn more about entities, energies, and all things spiritual. When this married couple isn't ghost hunting, they are spending time by the water, or with their 5 children, 5 cats and Labrador Retriever.                                    




 Honorary and Guest Investigators



Janet Russell - Psychic/Medium

Janet has worked with the police and private investigators as well as appearing on Television including Channel 11's "Haunted New York" and "Paranormal State". She can be seen on Long Island Cablevision's (channel 20) "The Spirits Within" and "Beyond the Unexplained." Janet resides on Long Island. Her website is  http://janetrussellpresents.com