Photo Evidence

These are some pictures taken by our team which may indicate paranormal activity:

    The following pictures were taken with a digital camera at Sach's Civil War Hospital near Sach's Bridge in Gettysburg , Pennsylvania.  The hospital was unoccupied when the photo was taken.  At the left side of the building there seems to be the shadow of  what could be a Civil War Soldier.  However, when the picture is enlarged it appears it could be caused by shadows from the surrounding foliage as well as attachments on the building itself. The front upper and lower left windows also seem to show some faces, although they could be reflections.  Could it be just shadows or something more???? A photo taken at our recent visit showed no such shadows against the building.



   The following picture was taken at West Hills Park on Sweet Hollow Road in Melville, Long Island. On the log appears a skeletal face .  There also appears to be a face among the leaves as well as the shape of a Fairy or Angel above the log. Could this be due to matrixing,  reflections, or is it paranormal??


  This photo of an unidentified mist was taken at Potter's Field. No one was smoking  and attempts to reproduce the effect with breath were unsuccessful.     

    This picture taken at a house during a private investigation shows part of an "orb" in the right window.  What makes this different is that it is partially hidden by the window and curtains and could not be reproduced. It was outside the window. There was nothing outside that window at the time the photo was taken , however, we do not accept orbs as evidence of paranormal activity.


      Many people believe that orbs are balls of energy which are paranormal or actual manifestations of spirits themselves. Perhaps.   However, many orbs are nothing more than dust, moisture , spots on the lens, or even insects. It is often  difficult to determine which orbs are paranormal and which are caused by environmental factors, making it difficult to use orbs as scientific proof of the paranormal.

   The next picture shows an orb which people would like to believe is an angel, but it is most probably an insect, since there were many fireflies the night the photo was taken.

   The following picture contains orbs caused by moisture. It was taken outside during a rainstorm. The orbs were caused by raindrops on the camera's lens.

   The next three photos show dust orbs made by shaking a slightly dusty hat around a room.