Photo Gallery

If you have a photo which you feel may be paranormal , feel free to email it to us with  basic information on when and where it was taken and under what conditions.. We will contact you if we can use your photo on our page.. Although what you will see on our page may be paranormal, it is possible that some may be the result of "matrixing", or other natural phenomena due to the conditions at the moment the photos were taken  

This photo was sent to us by William (Dale) Ellis, whose daughter, Cheyenne, snapped the photo on the back of her father's motorcycle..The family was passing through Canal Point, Florida where the sugar fields were being burned..It is said that this type of burning of the land used to displeasure the Native American Population. This is perhaps true, because many people appear to see a tribe of Indians riding through the field on horses as well as faces in the bushes. Upon close inspection it appears that the Indian in the middle has a headress on and his ear as well as some facial features are visible.


The first photo taken by Lisa Marie Jacobson shows some orbs which may be dust. However when the orb in the upper right hand corner is enlarged, one may see what appears to be the face of a woman. This has been enlarged in the second picture.


The following two photos were taken at the same time in front of an oven in the kitchen. They show  a dog, Sheba..  As you can see , in the second photo there is an unknown woman's face behind the dog. She appears to be a woman possibly in her 60s or older. You can see her lipstick , earring , and the bottom half of her face.  The photo was taken with a digital camera.


The following photo was taken in a firehouse  by one of the firefighters with his cell phone camera. The apparition in the photo is believed to be that of a firefighter who passed away in his bed in 1941. In the photo he is standing beside his bed...The  next picture shows the photo we took with a digital camera during our investigation...The firefighter is not present in our photo.